IMS Inc – Empowering Product Development for CPG, Personal Care and Pharmaceutical Companies

IMS Inc. helps to drive the success of over 200 CPG, Personal Care, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical companies around the world — by empowering their product development organizations to develop superior formulations and breakthrough raw material technologies, more rapidly and at lower cost. In essence, fast, predictive in vitro methods and measurement technologies drive the creation of breakthrough products and innovative raw material technologies.

We recognize that development of breakthrough CPG, Cosmetic, OTC drug, and Pharmaceutical formulations involves a series of intricate, highly-complex tasks, and we look forward to assisting you with exceptional testing substrates, novel in vitro methods and advanced instrumentation.

IMS Culture

Over the last twenty-six years, our teams have created exceptional breakthroughs by focusing their technology skills and innovative energies on solving the fundamental problems faced by our global customers. Everyone has a voice at IMS, and the company’s success has been the direct result of the vision, intelligence, passion and commitment of the IMS team members. One other point, we understand how busy you are, and thus we have designed our systems so that in the vast majority of cases when you call IMS during business hours, instead of getting voicemail, you get to speak to a friendly, intelligent person who genuinely wants to assist you with your needs.

Frustrated by years of working with technology vendors that had “no idea” concerning the fundamental needs of global product development organizations, Dr. John P. Sottery left Procter & Gamble in September 1992 to found IMS Inc. He had a vision for a company that would focus on creating new technology — specifically designed to empower global product development organizations. IMS Headquarters are located in the Charleston, SC area and we have a manufacturing facility in Portland, Maine. The company is privately held.